Sunday, September 2, 2012

Labor Day BBQ party!

The worst thing to happen at a party is to run out of food...  Especially if it's a party that I am throwing.  (Imagine the horror!)  So we hosted a bbq/pasta party to celebrate the final stretch of what left in Summer 2012 and the exact opposite happened.  I cooked way too much food for a group of 25..  I could have fed 50!  Good news is that almost everyone took home leftovers....

Veggie sticks
Ranch and Korean Chojang

Quinoa Salad
red pepper, arugula, cucumber, avocado, corn, & red onion

Toasted Pinenut Pesto Spaghetti
This is ALWAYS a hit!

Linguine with pancetta, sweet corn, roasted tomatoes, and mushroom
Gorgonzola & marscapone cheese in a white wine reduction

The sweet fruits of summer 2012
You will be missed!!

Also on the menu were salame & cheese platters, fried dumplings, pork fried rice, marinated flank steaks, hot links, italian sausages, and the best grilled chicken ever!!
(made by a friend!)

Good times, good food, good friends, good weather, lots of food and lots of leftovers.
And of course, lots of fine wine and cold beer.

Picture perfecto!


  1. Omg unni, you went all out again. Everything looks so favorite is the pesto pasta as well..Wait I need to try all your pasta before I can say that is my favorite..muhaha..

  2. That was the most tender & light as a feather chicken I've ever had. Pastas were awesome & I usually don't touch it but I couldn't resist. Great job.

  3. When it comes to a huge BBQ party, it's better to grill a larger amount of food for the guests. They'll take home the rest of the food, anyway, :D especially if the BBQ chef cooks good, Susie. Those are very mouthwatering recipes by the way, especially the Linguine with Pancetta.

    Dione Drabble