Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Best Naengmyun in Koreatown?

There I said it.

The search is over. 
I think I may have found the best naengmyun in LA.
I'm a self-professed naengmyun freak.  I will travel long distances and pay good money....  Just give me a delicious bowl of naengmyun and I will dance on tables.
Their big signs and pictures of the $9.99 naengmyun & kalbi specials have caught my eye, especially those times I came to shop at Zion Market next door. 
But nope, I never gave them a chance.

Until just recently!

The naengmyun here is fantabulouslyf*ckinpureawesomenessgoingon...
The broth is spot on:  light, flavorful, slightly tangy & sweet..
Noodles are thin, chewy...  just perfect.
And they give you a HUGE bowl. 

To top it off, the LA galbi is also very good. 
It's a little bit on the fatty side, but the flavor is just right. 
I would say it's about 3 strips of meat.  
Nicely grilled. 

This combination is perfect...  All for a bargain basement price of $9.99.. 
Can we all say YAY?

And as an added bonus, I think the kimchi here is near perfection. 
It will appeal to the masses..  They don't include it for the combination but will happily serve it if you ask for it.

The restaurant itself is nice, upscale, and modern.
And they give you about 3 delicious banchans with your  combo.

I am complete now.
Thank you cousin for inviting me to lunch =)

3435 Wilshire Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA  90010

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  1. Wow Unnie, you are truly in love with this naengmyun. Thank god I found the best place in town. My only negative about this place is parking....sucks. If valet is full parking is a b-----. Good luck to find parking in Zion market.