Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Pssst.. How to keep your jewels clean!

I am a gemologist.  Through the years of appraising in NYC and LA, I've been one lucky gal to see some amazing jewelry.  It's a beautiful thing when jewels sparkle and dazzle under amazing lights.  Breathtaking to say the least!

So to all the people out there with fine jewelry pieces, KEEP YOUR JEWELRY CLEAN!!
Dirty jewelry (especially rings) are my big pet peeeeeeves!
Clean jewelry just makes you feel good.
So no excuses, here's my easy home method of cleaning your jewels.
This will work for platinum, gold, and diamonds.  No color stones, pearls, or silver..

What you will need:
1.  Your dirty jewelry
2.  A small pot
3.  Dishwashing liquid
4.  Toothbrush
5.  Blowdryer.

Ok, so we start by pouring about a cup of water into the pot.  Throw in your jewelry and add about a teaspoon of dishwashing liquid.  Boil for about 5 minutes.  You will hear the clinking of your jewelry as the water boils.  All good..  It's loosening the dirty residue.

Allow it to cool and then grab your toothbrush and start brushing every nook and cranny.

Rinse in Cold water and then grab your blowdryer.  Set to the highest and hottest setting and then hold your ring or jewelry right to the nozzle.  Make sure your fingers are out of the way...  Ready..  Set...  Blow!!!

So what you are left with is professionally cleaned jewelry that will sparkle indoors, outdoors, and maybe in the dark. 
Yes, it's that easy!


  1. unnie, I remember you telling me about this, and I actually tried this at home. My goodness, my diamond was so so so sparkly. It was pretty amazing because I've gotten them cleaned before, but nothing did it like this method you told me of. Starting from then on, I do this before an important outing...which is like once a year for me. hahaha.

    1. Im glad you remembered. When I clean people's jewelry, they are blown away. Once a year.. Not too bad...